dimanche 3 février 2013

[EN] Mathematical Olympiad Treasures – Titu Andreescu et Bogdan Enescu

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Description :

this is one of a long recent series of challenging secondary math books, coauthored by Dr. Titu Andreescu and published by Birkhäuser, a series that has definitely enriched the literature on secondary mathematics—a credit to the coauthor and to the wisdom of the editor. This book is the fruit of the prodigious activity of two well-known creators of mathematics problems in various mathematical journals.... In all the chapters, the reader can find numerous challenging problems. All featured solutions are interesting, given in increasing level of difficulty; some of them are real gems that will give great satisfaction to any math lover attempting to solve the problems—or even extend them. I believe strongly that Mathematical Olympiad Treasures will reveal the beauty of mathematics to all students, teachers, and all math lovers.
  • The Second edition includes new sections, revisions, and many more Olympiad-like problems at various levels of difficulty
  • Aims at building a bridge between ordinary high school exercises and more sophisticated, intricate and abstract concepts and problems in undergraduate mathematics
  • Contains a stimulating collection of problems in the subjects of algebra, geometry and trigonometry, number theory and combinatorics
  • Should benefit undergraduate students, advanced high school students, instructors, and coaches
  • Encourages readers to think creatively about techniques and strategies for solving real-world problems


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